The Wines

At Burr Vineyards we offer a variety of wines, all made with grapes grown on-site, each with a signature taste. Please give us a call for availability.

All wines are currently priced at $18, except the White Marquette at $22 and our signature Marquette at $25

10% off case discount

Petite Pearl: A new privately developed grape that is low acid, smooth, and extremely dense-colored. Hints of cherry, plum and black current.
Chippewa Red: A special blend of Sabrevois grape and lesser amounts of Frontenac and King of the North. Hints of blueberry, cream and black cherry.
Marquette: Known for its lower acidity and nice balance, this wine is related to the Pinot Noir grape. This wine is spicy, with hints of cinnamon and cocoa.
Frontenac: This was the first successful cold-hardy wine grape that tolerates extreme winters in Minnesota. This wine was aged in Minnesota oak barrels and is a full-bodied, high tannin, dry wine with hints of ripe berries and caramel.
Devil’s Red: A blend of the Frontenac and Frontenac Gris grapes. Aromas of graphite and cherry and tastes of red berries.
Darling White: A light wine made from the Prairie Star and Frontenac Gris grapes with a floral aroma and tastes of green apple.
La Crescent: A very light, crisp wine with hints of honey and melon. Best served on a hot summer day.
Ida White: Made from the Edelweiss and Brianna grape varieties with hints of pineapple and honey dew. Semi-sweet.
Frontenac Gris Rose: This wine was made with the Frontenac Gris grape, but fermented with the lavender-colored skins on, giving it this crimson color. It is a bright and semi-tart wine with hints of strawberry and sweet cherry.
Frontenac Gris: This is the white grape version of the U of MN Frontenac. A bit more complex with a floral aroma, but hints of brown sugar taste.